Course Icons Featured Images 19 ADHD Awareness

ADHD Awareness

This course is designed to promote an understanding and awareness of ADHD and support in recognising signs of ADHD in children

Course Icons Featured Images 9 Attachment in Early Years

Attachment in Early Years

Discover the historical and theoretical background of attachment, styles, disorders and the impact of attachment.

18 Bereavement and Children

Bereavement and Children

This course will equip you with the essential knowledge and skills to support young children dealing with grief and loss.

Course Icons Featured Images 17 Bruises on Children

Bruises on Children

This course explores the significance of Bruising in Children: Unveiling its importance in safeguarding and child protection.

Course Icons Featured Images 10 Child Development

Child Development

Dive into the realm of child development, an essential journey to comprehend how children learn, grow, and flourish.

Course Icons Featured Images 8 Children's Mental Health

Children’s Mental Health

This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills essential to understand, support, and nurture the mental well-being of children.

Course Icons and Images 3 Communication, Speech and Language

Communication, Speech and Language

This course is designed to help you support and enhance children’s communication, speech, and language.

Course Icons Featured Images 16 Concussion Awareness

Concussion Awareness

Understand the risks of concussion: Vital for child and adult caregivers. Acquire the skills to recognise and manage recovery.

Course Icons Featured Images 13 FGM Awareness

FGM Awareness

This introductory course is dedicated to fostering awareness and understanding of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Course Icons Featured Images 14 Food Hygiene and Safety level 2

Food Hygiene and Safety level 2

Stay informed and up to date with the latest legislation and best practices in food hygiene and safety

Course Icons Featured Images 11 Prevent Duty

Prevent Duty

This course offers insight into Prevent Duty, a UK government initiative safeguarding against extremism and radicalisation.

Course Icons Featured Images 12 Safeguarding Level 1

Safeguarding Level 1

This introductory course is designed to actively promote an awareness of safeguarding and child protection principles and practices.

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